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KRK are one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to professional monitoring equipment. Many music professionals across the world rely on KRK's studio reference monitors to fine-tune their music and mixes. The legenday Rokit series of KRK monitor speakers combine an impressive specification with high-quality drivers and an affordable price tag. Check out the KRK range of studio monitors and reference headphones at getinthemix.com.

RRP: £149.00
SAVE: £39.00
RRP: £399.00
SAVE: £60.00
RRP: £799.00
SAVE: £100.00
RRP: £655.00
SAVE: £216.00
RRP: £499.00
SAVE: £30.00
RRP: £544.89
SAVE: £99.89
RRP: £423.89
SAVE: £77.89