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FBT (Fabrication Baldoni Tanoni) have built up a vast amount of know how through the years, with highly specialized engineering and the impulse towards the discovery of new important frontiers in audio, FBT are able to produce top-quality professional audio systems with a team of experts, able to select the most suitable innovative materials and offer constantly avant-garde top level acoustic and electronic technology.

With a production chain entirely Made in Italy, every stage of which is carried out in the FBT factory, which includes everything from the research and design lab, to assistance and after-sales service.

RRP: £734.95
SAVE: £70.95
RRP: £1,067.95
SAVE: £129.95
RRP: £799.00
SAVE: £50.00
RRP: £3,395.94
SAVE: £99.94
RRP: £1,365.00
SAVE: £126.00
RRP: £1,451.00
SAVE: £102.00
RRP: £1,889.00
SAVE: £100.00
RRP: £2,725.00
SAVE: £86.00
RRP: £999.93
SAVE: £81.93
RRP: £1,079.00
SAVE: £61.00
RRP: £1,179.93
SAVE: £61.93