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SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

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SoundSwitch - Key product features:

  • Automatic light shows synced with beatgrids
  • Compatable with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Engine prime
  • Ableton LINK
  • Auto Scripting light show generation
  • MIDI mapping and control of lighting effects

SoundSwitch MICRO-DMX Interface:

  • Interface for SoundSwitch lighting software
  • Connect lighting hardware directly to computer via the USB
  • USB to DMX XLR connector
  • Blue LED connection status indicator
  • Compact portable design
  • 3 months free software access

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: USB to DMX XLR connection (3 pin)
  • Power: USB powered
  • Refresh rate:  37Hz
  • DMX Universe : 1
  • Dimensions : 12.3 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg

Here we have the SoundSwitch DMX Micro Interface. This DMX Micro interface is compatible with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Engine Prime. Simply connect your lighting hardware directly to your computer set up via USB using this affordable USB to DMX XLR connector. This impressive DMX Micro Interface enables users to create their own custom lighting shows and scenes by automatically syncing with audio files when played back live. This product allows DJs and Lighting designers to sync their lighting visuals directly to live audio via SoundSwitch hardware or third-party interfaces.

Micro-DMX Interface - DMX Lighting Control for DJs

DMX lighting control for DJsSoftware & Hardware for DMX Lighting Control Simplified!
SoundSwitch is the world's leading lighting control solution. It lets users create custom lighting shows and scenes that are automatically synced with audio files when played back live in DJ software. Users can be as creative as they like in the Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW) or let the software do the work via the automation features or pre-built lighting scenes. SoundSwitch allows DJs and lighting designers to sync lighting visuals with live audio seamlessly which are outputted to the lighting array via SoundSwitch hardware or third-party supported interfaces. More creative possibilities and an elevated performance are all possible for DJs and lighting techs alike with SoundSwitch. With the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface, simplify your lighting setup with a single USB to DMX connector for support of one DMX universe. From the get-go, the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface doesnt disappoint with 3 months free SoundSwitch software access so you can jump right in and create automatic light show with beatgrids, compatible with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Engine Prime.

About SoundSwitch:

Edit Mode - Digital Lighting Workstation Specifically Designed for DJs
SoundSwitch's Edit Mode is where users can be as custom or automated as they like. Users can work in the Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW) to edit their preset light scenes or build and customise their own lighting displays. The workflow and user interface has been designed to be similar to audio editing and music production software providing a familiar look and feel for DJs.

Create Custom Lighting Displays
SoundSwitch allows for full customisation and lighting control. Users can control every feature of their lighting hardware including colour, brightness, strobe, movement, gobos, prism and more.

Autoloops - Automatic Light Shows Synced with DJ Software
The Autoloops feature automatically syncs lighting scenes with audio files that dont have scripted light shows as the DJ performs. The software ships with 32 prebuilt Autoloops which are all customisable and will always cue perfectly on the beat when needed.

AutoScripting-Automatic light show creation:
Batch analysis audio files, playlists, collections and crates for automated light show creation.

Static looks-lighting scenes:
Static looks provided users with an easy way to create lighting scenes; a common tool in the mobile DJ field. These static scenes can be created to light speeches, the dinner service or ambient lighting at any event. Static looks can also be MIDI mapped allowing for complete touch control.

Supports leading DJ Software and Hardware:
SoundSwitch connects with the following DJ software and hardware providing precision timing and synchronisation while the DJ performs

  • Engine Prime StagelinQ
    - Prime 4
    - SC5000/M
    - X1800
  •  Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ
  • Ableton LINK

Standalone Mode
In standalone mode, SoundSwitch users can control lighting effects for other DJs and performers such as bands and live acts 

Editable presets and effects
SoundSwitch includes a number of presets and effects which users can edit to their liking saving time and effort

MIDI Map and lighting effects:
The software includes MIDI mapping functionality to allow users to map and control lighting effects with any standard controller, Mixer or MIDI device.

Multiple universe support:
SoundSwitch supports two DMX Universes with 1024 DMX Channels, allowing for control over both small and professional sized lighting rings.


Bought this as my first taste of using DMX. Very easy to connect up and sync with Virtual DJ. Watch the tutorial videos to get started, set the positions you'd like the lights to point at (moving heads) and the software builds a light show to go with the music. There are so many features that I think it could take a while to learn to use the software to it's full potential, but it's pretty easy to get things going.

Review by Ian / 23rd Nov 2021

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