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Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) + KRK Rokit RP5 G4 with Pads & Cables

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Product Description

Here we have this excellent studio bundle, ideal for music-recording beginners or semi-professionals. This high quality equipment comes at an affordable price with this package and will give you better control over your sound. It includes:

  • 1x Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)
  • 2x KRK Rokit RP5 G4
  • 2x Gorilla Monitor Isolation Pads
  • 2x Male XLR to Mono Jack Cables

Please note that this package includes a 1 year warranty.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Generation)

Introducing the Focusrite Scarlett Solo - 3rd Generation. Focusrite have been making and producing mic preamps for at least 30 years, and they have poured all of that experience into their 3rd generation of the epic Scarlett series. The Scarlett Solo (3rd gen) is the smallest and most compact of the range making it ideal for students, beginners and semi-professionals who need to be able to record their audio quickly and easily at home. It features the Scarlett's iconic red colour with an updated, sleek design and all of the fantastic functions you would expect.

The Interface We've Been Looking For
Scarlett's most compact interface - thousands of guitar players use Solo to capture studio-quality sound every day. Capture your music anywhere by simply plugging your guitar straight in or miking up, and monitoring directly for latency-free foldback. Scarlett Solo is giving musicians worldwide professional sounding results everywhere, all the time.

The Best Sounding, Easily
Getting studio-quality recordings at home has never been easier. Easy Start gets you set up, recording and playing back within minutes. Our mic preamps, high-headroom instrument inputs and now-iconic Gain Halos mean the science of sounding great is sorted. We've worried about the tech, you can focus on the music.

Your Recording is 30 Years in the Making
We've been making mic preamps for 30 years, and the 3rd Gen mic pre is the best Scarlett has ever heard. The 24-bit/192kHz converters give your recordings clarity and detail. Air mode breathes life into vocals, adding unique high-end detail. Our decades of experience mean Scarlett sounds just like you.

Our Technology is Sound
As with all Focusrite products, you’ll also benefit from a three-year warranty effective on purchases from 1st January 2018 onwards, award-winning customer support, and membership of their Plug-in Collective offering free software downloads and generous discounts

Plug-in Collective, for a Lasting Connection
When you buy any Focusrite hardware you gain access to the most innovative music software brands on the market. Plug-in Collective keeps you up to date on the latest tools, offering you new free downloads every couple of months, along with generous discounts. Let's stay together.

KRK Rokit RP5 G4

We are excited to introduce the KRK Rokit RP5 G4; the fourth generation of KRK's iconic speakers, which feature some brilliant new innovations. Firstly, and most noticeably, KRK have included an LCD screen with a graph which gives you a visual representation of the EQ settings. You can use this in conjunction with the included KRK App. which is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones and you'll be able to arrange the output of your speakers to get exactly the sound you want.

At a more hidden level improvements have been made too with KRK taking their 30 years of experience plus the awesome technology of the KRK Expose E8 to produce their highest quality drivers yet. The KRK Rokit RP5 G4 houses a tweeter and subwoofer made from Kevlar; an iconic material in itself which not only gives you the highest quality audio by ensuring the same sonic integrity on every frequency, but also reduces listening fatigue. Every aspect of the KRK Rokit RP5 G4 has been designed to give you the best sound quality yet and has ensured KRK's place as the go-to brand for the highest standard studio monitors.

Art and Science stylishly unite with the new 5 KRK ROKIT RP5 Generation 4 (G4) professional monitor, taking music and sound creativity to a whole new industry-level. Building on over 30 years of monitor innovation and countless developmental partnerships with successful award-winning music and sound productions, the new KRK ROKIT G4 line has been scientifically re-engineered from the ground up for the way modern artists working all genres and environments.

KRK App, Room Correction Assistance and Onboard LCD Visual EQ:
DSP-driven room tuning with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings help minimise and correct problems in your acoustic environment. Visualise the EQ settings with an LCD Graph while getting real-time helpful spectral analysis from the included KRK App. Compatible with Android and iPhone, the KRK App offers feedback and assistance suggesting how to best set the EQ on the monitor manually in accordance with your sound-environment for the best results (App does not wirelessly pair with or control monitor).  It also aids with monitor placement, level matching, subwoofer level and crossover setting assistance, polarity, and EQ.

Highest-grade Matching Woofer and Tweeter made with Kevlar
A matching driver design ensures the same sonic integrity on every single frequency and minimizes listening-fatigue, while offering an incredibly balanced listening experience. Following the technology and legacy of the unrivaled KRK Expose E8, the new ROKIT G4 series proprietary drivers feature a superbly rigid and high tensile strength-to-weight ratio material known for high-end sound reproduction.

A Scientifically Designed High-quality Speaker Enclosure
High quality and sophistication bring together the low resonance speaker enclosure where a newly-designed front-firing port offers exceptional low-end extension, punch and flexible room-positioning. High density open cell acoustic Iso-foam pads decouple the speaker from the surface minimizing vibration transmission for improved clarity. Fluid mechanics fully tuned to the entire system resulting in consistent air pressure behaviour at any volume creates an unprecedentedly wide, deep and dynamic listening sweet-spot with incredible imaging and 3D soundstage.

New Custom Designed Efficient Class D Power Amp with Built-in Limiter
At the core, a newly designed, powerful yet efficient custom Class D power amplifier drives the speakers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures to retain better audio integrity. A custom built-in Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system, and offer better and wider dynamics.
Although truly affordable, price isn't even in the ROKIT conversation professionals choose ROKIT's for their time-tested and reliable results.  The new ROKIT Generation 4 Line actually is ROKIT Science.

KRK Audio Tools
The KRK Audio Tools App is now available and ready to help anyone with setting up their studio for better mixing decisions!
Available on both Apple and Android stores for free, it hosts a suite of professional studio tools which include five analysis-based components which can help setup any brand of monitors, as well as an 'EQ Recommendation' tool which specifically helps to acclimate KRK ROKIT G4 monitors to their acoustic environment.

Gorilla Studio Monitor Speaker Isolation Pads

This high quality Gorilla studio monitor Isolation Pad is designed to isolate studio monitors and speakers from unwanted noise which resonates to the surface where they are situated. Each pad has an additional foam wedge which can be manipulated to angle the speakers resulting in 3 possible combinations.
These essential pads for your studio or home setup are suitable for 3, 4.5, 5" and 6" studio monitor Speakers.
Simply the best value on the market!
Please note that the speaker in the picture is not included.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Generation)


  • The best performing Scarlett mic preamp the range has ever heard - now with Air - for miking up guitars or recording vocals
  • One high headroom instrument input, for plugging your guitar or bass straight in
  • Easy Start tool, making it easier than ever to get up and running
  • High-performance converters, allowing you to record, mix and play back audio in studio quality, anywhere
  • Avid Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack: hundreds of virtual instrument sounds, 500MB of loops, and great-sounding effects
  • Ableton Live Lite: industry-leading music-making software
  • Three Month Splice Sounds Subscription: Get access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys: choose one of four inspiring virtual keyboard instruments
  • Softube Time and Tone Bundle: three of Softube's world class reverb, delay and distortion plug-ins, and an an easy-to-use mastering tool
  • Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite: accurately models our classic Red 2 equaliser and Red 3 compressor
  • Focusrite Plug-in Collective: receive free versions of the most innovative software, as well as benefiting from discounts


  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
  • Microphone Inputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
    - Dynamic Range: 111dB (A-weighted)
    - THD+N: <0.0012%
    - Noise EIN: -128dB (A-weighted)
    - Maximum Input Level: 9dBu (at minimum gain)
    - Gain Range: 56dB
    - Impedance: 3k ohms
  • Line Inputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
    - Dynamic Range: 110.5dB (A-weighted)
    - THD+N: <0.002%
    - Maximum Input Level: 22dBu (at minimum gain)
    - Gain Range: 56dB
    - Impedance: 60k ohms
  • Instrument Inputs:
    - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
    - Dynamic Range: 110dB (A-weighted)
    - THD+N: <0.03%
    - Maximum Input Level: 12.5dBu (at minimum gain)
    - Gain Range: 56dB
    - Impedanc: 1.5M ohms
  • Line/Monitor Outputs:
    - Dynamic Range (Line Outputs): 108dB
    - THD+N: <0.002%
    - Maximum Output Level (0 dBFS): 15.5dBu
  • Impedance: 430 ohms
    - Dynamic Range: 104dB (A-weighted)
    - THD+N: <0.002%
    - Maximum Output Level: 7dBu
    - Impedance: <1 ohms

KRK Rokit RP5 G4

  • Key Features:
    - Professional grade 5 (Bi-amp) studio monitor designed and engineered in the USA
    - 5 Matching Woofer and 1 Tweeter made with Kevlar
    - Built-in efficient Class D power amp
    - Proprietary speaker drivers built in-house from the ground up
    - Onboard LCD visual DSP-driven EQ
    - 25 visual Graphic EQ settings for different environments
    - KRK App with Room Correction Tools
    - Scientifically designed high-quality/low resonance speaker enclosure
    - High density acoustic Iso-foam pads for improved clarity
    - Newly designed Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp level
    - Wide, deep and dynamic listening sweet-spot with incredible imaging
    - 3D soundstage creates incredible realism and depth in your mix (width, depth and height)
    - Optimized high frequency wave guide
    - Optional replacement faceplates with protective metal grilles
    - Incredibly versatile speaker system great for creating music in different environments
    - Great for all functions of music creation from production to mixing to mastering
    - Front-firing port with optimized low frequency tuning alignment for the best possible transient response and extension
    - Designed and built by a monitor company with over 30 years of proven success
  • Specifications:
    - Configuration: 2-Way
    - System Type: Active Studio Monitor
    - Woofer: 5.25" Kevlar Aramid Fibre
    - Mid Driver: N/A
    - Tweeter: 1" Kevlar Aramid Fibre
    - Frequency Response: 43Hz - 40KHz
    - Amplifier Class: CLASS D
    - Input Impedance: 5.12KOhms
    - Input Sensitivity: unbalanced signal input, gain +11dB: -10dBV / balanced signal input, gain 0dB: +4dBu
    - Input: Balanced TRS / XLR Combo Jack
    - Finish: Black Vinyl Wrap
    - Port Configuration: Front Firing Slot Port
    - Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.22" (285mm) x 7.48" (190mm) x 9.49" (241mm)
    - Weight: 10.69 lbs. (4.85 Kg.)
    - Controls (all control parameters accessed via encoder and LCD): Volume control parameter: (-70dB to +11dB) default 0dB
  • EQ Paramters:
    - LF Control  Selection 1: LOW SHELF (-3dB @ 60Hz)
    - LF Control  Selection 2: LOW SHELF (-2dB @60Hz) and Low-Mid PEQ (-2dB @ 200Hz)
    - LF Control  Selection 3: FLAT
    - LF Control  Selection 4: LOW-MID PEQ (-2dB @ 200Hz)
    - LF Control  Selection 5: LOW SHELF (+2dB @ 60Hz)
    - HF Control  Selection 1: HIGH SHELF (-2dB @ 10 kHz)
    - HF Control  Selection 2: HIGH SHELF (-1dB @ 10 kHz) and LOW-MID PEQ (-1dB @3.5 kHz)
    - HF Control  Selection 3: FLAT
    - HF Control  Selection 4: HIGH SHELF (+1dB 10kHz) HIGH MID PEQ (+1dB 3.5kHz)
    - HF Control  Selection 5: HIGH SHELF PEQ (+2dB @ 10 kHz)
  • SETUP Parameters:
    - Backlight: Brightness adjustment from 0% to 100% (default-100%)
    - Contrast: Contrast adjustment from 0% to 100% (default-60%)
    - Standby: Standby on/off control (default-on)
    - Logo: Logo on/off control (default-on)
    - Factory reset: Reset to factory setting defaults
    - Lock: Lock/Unlock control. When locked, all settings locked until unlocked.
  • Indicators:
    - Logo LED: Logo LED indicates Power on/off, Standby function (pulses)
    - LCD Display: Displays all EQ and Setup Parameters

Gorilla Studio Monitor Speaker Isolation Pads


  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Package: Contents: 1 units - Two-component design made of high density acoustic foam
  • Dimensions: With Insert: (W x D x H): 170 x 300 x 40 mm / Without Insert (W x D x H): 170 x 270 x 40mm
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Starting to setup a small studio at home and was in need of a good interface and speaker combo and so went with this pack. Very impressed with the quality and so glad that I took the advice of sales staff who recommended this pack to me. Really happy with my purchase and will be back for more

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