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FBT VN3000 Ventis Speaker System

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FBT VN3000 Ventis Speaker System
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Product Description

This superb sounding FBT VN3000 Ventis is a professional PA Speaker System and includes:

  • 2x FBT Ventis 110A
  • 2x FVT Subline 115SA
  • 2x 84 - 112cm Satellite Poles
  • 4x 6M XLR Cables

FBT Ventis 110A
The FBT Ventis 110A is a 2-way active powered 10" PA speaker that puts out an impressive 900W RMS of power and 1800W of peak power. It features M10 rigging points if you want the speaker to be a fixed install, but if you want to transport the speaker to and from gigs it also features a 35mm top hat so that it can fit on top of speaker stands.

Available in either passive or bi-amplified versions, each of the models – the VENTIS 115, 112, 110, and 206 – has been designed to meet the highest standards in both performance and aesthetic appeal.

For the VENTIS range, quality and flexibility are the watchwords. Based on a powerful combination of B&C compression drivers and FBT’s own custom, long excursion woofers, the 115, 112 and 110 models are two-way, bass reflex designs housed in 15mm birch plywood. A full-grille design backed by specially treated acoustic cloth delivers the characteristic style for which FBT is known, while fully rotatable constant directivity horns ensure accurate coverage.

The three enclosures are as suitable for fixed installation as they are for use on the stage. M10 points are included as standard while an optional U-bracket can be used for wall-mounting. For use on the road, the  VENTIS models include aluminum handles with rubber inserts, a 35mm polemount socket, and a 45° sloped profile for unobtrusive placement on-stage as a monitor.

Power for the active VENTIS models comes courtesy of a specially designed, Italian made switching mode amplifier module. Low frequencies are driven by a highly efficient 700W RMS (full bridge) Class-D topology, operating with extremely low THD. For the HF stage, a 200W RMS performance is delivered via a meticulously crafted Class-H / AB design.

Finally, DSP on-board the VENTIS enclosures is both user friendly and powerful. Located on the rear of each enclosure, a menu-driven system is navigated via a single rotary control with push-to-select functionality. A total of 6 pre-optimised settings are available (see below), plus 2 further slots for users to form their own designs, using 5 parametric equalizers per slot. Also available is a high-pass filter, a mic/line selector, low, mid and high tone settings and an optional delay of between 0 and 3.5 metres. Finally, users can exclusively choose between two limiter modes, MAX-SPL or MAX-QUALITY, to best suit their performance.

FBT Subline 115SA
The FBT Subline 115SA is an active powered 15" PA subwoofer that can produce a massive 700W RMS power and 1400W peak power! If you're a club/bar owner or mobile DJ looking to add some extra low end bass performance to your existing setup, this subwoofer will deliver that. Capable of being used for a number of professional applications the FBT Subline 115SA is a true powerhouse subwoofer.

The SUBline series has been completely redesigned and consists of 112SA, 115SA, 118SA, 218SA active and 118S and 218S passive subwoofer models, all bass-reflex , built in birch plywood and aimed to extend the low frequency response to a wide range of FBT speaker systems.

Created with the aim to maximize SPL/SIZE ratio, they have Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply and Digital Signal Processor with presets to match any other FBT speaker.

With IN/OUT stereo connectors, it is possible to use only one subwoofer with Left and Right speakers

Optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles and tour-grade plywood cabinets allow an easy transport.

FBT Ventis 110A


  • 2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design
  • Biamped: 700W RMS LF and 200W RMS HF power amplifiers in Class D for LF and in Class H/AB for HF
  • Digital Signal Processor with graphic display
  • 15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • Control Panel features balanced XLR/Jack input, XLR LINK OUT, 2 x Volume, RCA Stereo input, DSP display with rotative encoder and push
  • 250mm (10”) LF woofer with 50mm (2”) voice coil, custom made for FBT
  • 25mm (1”) exit throat B&C HF compression driver with 36mm (1.4”) voice coil
  • Frequency response from 58Hz to 20 kHz
  • 80°H x 50°V Constant Directivity Rotatable Horn
  • 6 x M10 suspension points, optional wall bracket mount thread, 35mm (1 3/8”) top-hat
  • Speaker stand socket, one aluminium handle
  • 45° monitor taper


  • ORIGINAL / LIVE The renowned, smooth FBT sound
  • VOCAL A special EQ setting to maximise speech intelligibility
  • DJ Designed to keep the energy high and your audience dancing
  • TOURING The reliability and the roar of the industry’s most popular touring systems
  • LOUDNESS The ultimate preset for listening at a medium or low volume
  • WARM A special setting to emphasise full-bodied, low-mid frequencies.


  • Configuration: 2 way
  • Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 700/200 W RMS
  • Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1400/400 W
  • Frequency response: 58Hz - 20KHz -6dB
  • Low Frequency woofer: 10 - 2 coil inch
  • High Frequency driver: 1 - 1.4 coil inch
  • Maximum SPL cont/peak: 124/131 dB
  • Dispersion: 80° x 50° rotatable HxV
  • Input impedance: 22 Kohm
  • AC Power requirements: 640 VA
  • Input connector: XLR with loop, RCA ST
  • Power cord: 5/16.4 m/ft
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 329x575x325 / 12.95x22.63x12.79 mm/inch
  • Net Weight: 15.6/34.39 Kg/lb

FBT Subline 115SA


  • Bass-reflex design with high SPL and punch
  • 380mm (15”) high excursion magnet woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil
  • Frequency response from 40Hz to 140Hz
  • New amplifier engineered and manufactured by FBT, 700W RMS LF in Class D
  • Digital Signal processor with 8 presets, 2 equalization with 2 LPF Crossover settings, cardioid configuration
  • Control panel with Stereo XLR in/outs, Volume, EQ presets, 8 steps Delay from 0.25m to 3.5m, Phase Reversal Switch 0°-180°, 3 status LED indicators
  • 15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure with internal bracing
  • M20 (20mm) top mount speaker stand socket and two aluminum ergonomic FBT handles


  • Configuration: 1 way
  • Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 700 W RMS
  • Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1400 W
  • Frequency response: 38Hz - 140Hz -6dB
  • Low Frequency woofer: 15 inch
  • Maximum SPL cont/peak: 132/135 Half-space dB
  • Dispersion: omnidirectional HxV
  • Input impedance: 22 Kohm
  • Crossover Frequency: 90 or 140Hz KHz
  • AC Power requirements: 640 VA
  • Input connector: stereo XLR with loop, HP out
  • Power cord: 6/19.7 m/ft
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 500x517x570 / 19.7x20.3x22.4 mm/inch
  • Net Weight: 28/61.7 kg/lb
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