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Alesis Strike Pro

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Product Description

The Alesis Strike Pro is an electronic drum kit that looks, feels and plays like a normal drum kit but has the added features of an electronic drum kit. Alesis are confident that there has never been a more powerful and capable electronic drum set that the Alesis Strike.

Alesis introduce its groundbreaking new Strike electronic drum kit family - the first-ever electronic kits to deliver the very best of both acoustic drums and electronic drums in terms of feel, playability, looks, sound quality and control. Drummers looking to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set have never been totally happy with the feel, playability or looks of an electronic kit. Alesis Strike finally changes that, for good.

To start with, Strike features all-new drum and cymbal design. The drums have larger dual-hoop pads with adjustable Alesis Mesh heads (Patent-Pending), which deliver an incredibly natural and responsive drumming experience. Strike's premium multi-ply wood shell drums are available in standard acoustic drum sizes (8-10-12-14") so drummers instantly feel at home when they sit behind them.

The new 3-zone Strike 16" ride cymbal, 14" crash, and 12" movable hi hat cymbals are an exciting step forward as well. They feel spectacularly realistic: They are fully covered with a new thick comfortable rubber that creates the perfect blend of feel, control, bounce and volume. The cymbals offer a larger bell area for enhanced playability, along with a cool "hammered look." Plus, these cymbals are much quieter than ever before, for those late-night practice sessions when volume is not your friend.

Once Alesis had successfully combined the best of the acoustic/electronic playing experience, they raised the electronic aspect of Strike to new heights. The all-new Strike Performance Module has a sound library with 200 custom kits made from over 1000 instruments. The module has onboard sampling capability, SD card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favourite music production software as well as the powerful new Strike Software Editor. With this editor you can assemble your own custom samples into multiple velocity layer and round robin instruments, piece together the perfect drum kit and then transfer it onto the module via USB. Every feature and control is incredibly easy for the player to keep track of, thanks to the Strike Module's 4.3-inch colour LED screen, which displays all the player's settings and choices at a quick glance.

Unprecedented flexibility and programmability is combined with total mastery and unambiguous knowledge of their kit's status like never before: This is what total control looks like and sounds like.


  • Strike Performance Module with 4.3 colour LED screen
  • Over 1000 drum and percussion instruments and 200 Kits
  • Mesh Pads with larger shells and standard drum sizes
  • Strike software editor for creating your own custom kits and instruments
  • Sample your own sounds or load .wav files
  • 14" Strike snare pad w/wood shell
  • 8"-10"-12" Strike tom pads w/wood shells
  • 14" Strike tom pad w/wood shell
  • 14" Strike kick drum pad w/wood shell
  • 16" Strike ride cymbal (3-zone) w/full rubber pad and hammer marks
  • (3) 14" Strike crash cymbals w/choke, w/full rubber pads and hammer marks
  • 12" Strike hi hat cymbals (top & bottom) w/full rubber pads
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