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Power Amplifiers

Welcome to our P.A amplifier section. Our superb Power amplifier ranges include models from QTX, Peavey, Gemini and Kam. Here you will find everything ranging from budget bedroom amplifiers right through to professional PA and mobile disco power amplifiers. Nearly all of our amplifiers are rack mountable and include built in limiters, fan cooling and crossovers.   Cerwin-Vega, W-Audio, American Audio, and Evolution also feature very strongly in our fantastic range of DJ amplifiers. Don't forget, we have the best discounted prices online and offer same day dispatch on everything you order!   Why not read our 'Choosing the correct Power Amplifier for your Disco/DJ Setup' section at the bottom of this page.

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PA Amplifiers or Power Amplifiers' as they are otherwise known, form the heart of any passive sound system. Power Amplifiers are usually always 19" wide so they can be installed into a 19" rack carry case if required; they usually feature built-in fans to flow air in and out of the amplifier casing to keep the output transistors cool and are of very sturdy build quality.
Features of DJ Amplifiers are fairly basic, with only having two gain controls on the front. The reason for this is due to the fact that most applications involve having a mixer or active crossover connected, so all EQ adjustments are controlled externally.

The rear panel of most Power Amps again is fairly basic, with just your 'inputs' and 'outputs'. The inputs are designated as channels 1 & 2 or left and right connected either via XLR (three pin), RCA (phono plugs) or quarter inch mono jacks. The Outputs are either Speakon (large blue twist and turn type) or quarter inch jacks. These will connect straight to your speakers.

The reason for just having just two speaker outputs is because if you want to run four speakers (this is the maximum) you would make the connection from the Power Amplifier to one pair of speakers and then 'daisy chain' out of those speakers into another pair. One must ensure, when running four speakers like this, that they are all of 8Ω ohm impedance which will then reduce the resistance from your amplifier to a 4Ω ohm output.

Most amplifiers will run fine at 4ohms and this will actually increase their power output!
The problem comes if you connect four 4Ω full range speakers which will then reduce the ohms load of your amplifier to 2ohm (most amplifiers will NOT like this, overheat and go into 'protect' mode).

For any other help in choosing the correct Disco Power Amplifier for you, don't hesitate to contact our helpful sales team for advice.