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Friday 01st February 2013

KRK RP5 G2 ...They're All-White!

KRK RP5 studio monitors have been around for a good few years now in various guises. Rokit 5’s as they are otherwise know have, throughout the years, remained a consistent favourite amongst DJs, studio producers and bedroom music creators alike.

KRK RP5 G2 ...They're All-White! A lot of the KRK’s active studio monitors popularity comes from their ‘no-compromise’ approach to specification. KRK manufacture all their own drivers using only materials and components that meet their own, exacting, standards. This attention to detail becomes apparent the first time you plug in a pair of KRK RP5 G2s and have a listen. The superior frequency range, the superb bass response and clever acoustic design have all become trademarks of the KRK Rokit series of active studio monitors.

KRK RP5 G2 ...They're All-White! It is hard to ignore, however, that a lot of the KRKs RP5’s appeal comes from its’ unique, stylish design. From the curved corners (designed for minimal sound refraction) to the trademark glass aramid composite woofer cone the design is unmistakably KRK.


KRK RP5 G2 ...They're All-White!GetintheMix.co.uk are now proud to present the limited edition KRK RP5 Pearl White. Featuring the same great specification as the current RP5 G2, the pearl white makes a design statement that is hard to ignore. KRK have previously produced a white version of the RP5 powered monitor but, in style terms, it isn’t a patch on the new model. The old white RP5 featured a flat white finish with a yellow driver, the new pearl-white KRKs have a deep pearl finish with matching white glass aramid driver.


KRK RP5 G2 ...They're All-White! More and more DJ equipment is now available with a stylish white finish including the pioneer CDJ2000 nexus, CDJ850-W, DJM250-W, DJM350 etc and now you can buy these best-selling powered monitors to match your contemporary setup. Why not make a style-statement without compromising on quality and buy the Limited Edition KRK RP5 pearl whites today at www.getinthemix.co.uk with FREE next day delivery.