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Wednesday 28th August 2013

First Look at the KRK Rokit G3 Monitors

First Look at the KRK Rokit G3 MonitorsKRK recently unveiled that there were officially the worlds’ best-selling brand of studio monitors. Although KRK was founded in 1986, this astronomic rise to fame has be most pronounced in recent years thanks to the phenomenal success of their Rokit series monitor.

KRK Rokits were designed to offer music professionals of all types a compact and reliable active monitor which delivered what they needed. Rokit series monitors were an instant success and the trademark yellow driver which is found in the all standard KRK Rokit monitors can now be seen in studios, workstations and bedrooms across the world.

Many of the original Rokit series monitors are still in use but the range really took off with the introduction of the G2 a few years ago. This new series featured redesigned cabinets with smoother lines which, aside from adding a more contemporary styling also improved acoustics by minimising resonance and colorization.

These four models which included three two-way full range monitors (5,6 and 8”) and a 10” powered subwoofer became so phenomenally popular that even KRK themselves were overwhelmed by the  demand. It was the success of these monitors over new next few years that propelled the KRK Rokit to become the industry standard name that it is today.

Now, in 2013, there is a new Rokit model that is destined to continue this legacy, the Rokit G3.  These updated monitors or distinctly KRK Rokit but have some subtle improvements and modifications. The glass-aramid trademark yellow drivers have been further  refined for optimal response and accurate sound reproduction. Further tweaks have been made the cabinet design which, rather than being a purely cosmetic modification, is the result of KRKs never-ending pursuit for acoustic perfection.

The third-generation of KRK Rokit monitors features five models as of the launch date. There are three sizes of full-range active monitors which are the RP5 G3, RP6 G3 and RP8 G3 (being 5, 6 and 8” respectively). There are also white versions available for the RP5 and RP6 G3 which are perfect for coordinating with your modern studio.

At the time of launch there are no reports of a third generation RP10S active Subwoofer but the RP10S G2 will remain a current model and makes a perfect partner for the G3 series in situations where an increased amount of bass support is required.

The official launch date of the KRK Rokit G3 is Wednesday 28th August with details being available from 3PM. Our first stock is already on its’ way to us and getinthemix.com will be amongst the first UK dealers to have stock of the latest models. Goto our KRK section and buy online or call our friendly sales team on 01206 845125 for more information.