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New Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS Controller

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Debuted by French company MWM, the Phase sits on your turntable and allows you to DJ audio files with vinyl, without the use of a needle. Phase wirelessly translates a record’s movements into timecode, which can then be read by Digital Vinyl System (DVS) software like Serato and Traktor.

The Phase system, a pair of small rectangle-shaped transmitters, with sticky bases, that affix to the top of a piece of vinyl. As the record plays, or is scratched, Phase’s sensors send information about these movements to a receiver, which is connected to both your mixer and your laptop running the requisite DJ software. This enables you to play and scratch the music loaded on the DJ software using turntables, without the use of a needle and tonearm. MWM say the system is using a proprietary method of wireless communication, based on radio frequency, not Bluetooth as was speculated previously.

New Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS ControllerNew Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS ControllerNew Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS Controller

With these wireless trackers about to see the light of day, the era of DVS may be finally coming to a close, and that is not counting RANE’s ‘Twelve controller. The Phase holds appeal for more DJs, because instead of being locked to one platform, it allows DJs to use their existing turntables, the Twelve is ultimately a Serato controller, for now at least;

Instead of using cartridges, needles, and control vinyl, as is the norm, Phase allows DJs to wirelessly control the position of a record with a single control remote.

It works like this;  Using MWM’s patented technology, two audio control remotes capture the turntables’ rotational information and a receiver processes and transmits the information to your DVS setup.

New Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS Controller

The Remotes are to be mounted on a vinyl record with adhesive. The remotes have a standard sized hole for turntable spindles, with an LED as the track marker; they (the remotes) are pretty small and low profile.

New Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS Controller

Latency is always a concern and with any wireless technology, latency will exist, the Phase however has been reported as being incredibly accurate. On many online videos, experienced scratch DJs were able to walk up and instantly scratch & cut on the system with extreme precision.

Using something, similar to an accelerometer, inside the Phase remotes they are able to measure the rotation angle and send the information to the receiver. Instead of Bluetooth, MWM has developed & patented wireless technology that’s less susceptible to interference. Details on the actual radio band are rather scarce, but suffice to say there weren’t any issues during testing on various show floors, where there are tons of other wireless devices.

A great positive aspect about Phase is that it doesn’t suffer from common timecode issues. Bass rumble, dying/dusty needles and poor connections.

The basic phase system is supplied in the Essential package priced at £269.00 The package comprises of;

The Phase receiver also doubles up as a dock to use to charge the Phase remotes. Primarily the dock acts as the timecode output device – it sends a timecode signal out of the RCA outputs on the rear of the unit to your mixer or soundcard. MWM state that it’s been designed to work with any DVS software. It’s been seen commonly in use with Serato DJ, but MWM also note it will work with Native Instruments Traktor and Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox DJ.

So all in all, the Phase system is made up of two components; the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter has a sensor that detects tiny platter position movements and sends that information to the receiver, which then turns it into timecode data that can be read by your DJ software. It works with any brand of DVS, Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ or Virtual DJ.

Just place the receivers on the spindles of your decks, they’ve got adhesive bottoms that stick to the surface of your vinyl, any kind of record will do, you connect the receiver to your DVS box or mixer’s input channels, fire up your DJ software and you’re good to go. All three components are battery powered with an over 10-hours battery life.

New Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS ControllerNew Technology. MWM Phase Wireless Tracking DVS Controller 

Phase available for pre-order, with an expected delivery of September. It comes in two packs, explained in the table below:


– Essential Pack: £269
1 Receiver
2 Remotes
2 RCA cables
1 USB cable
4 Magnets

– Ultimate Pack: £449
1 Receiver
4 Remotes*
2 RCA Cables
1 USB cable
4 Magnets

*The Ultimate Pack allows you to use two remotes, while the other two are charging in the receiver so the batteries stay always full.


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