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Tuesday 02nd July 2013

Pioneer DJ Enter the Club Audio Market

Pioneer DJ Enter the Club Audio MarketPioneer are one of the best known names in the DJ industry. If you go to the biggest nightclubs across the world then you are more than likely to find Pioneer mixers, CDJs and controllers in the DJ booth. This iconic name is now about the step into the world of nightclub sound systems with two distinct speaker ranges.

These exciting new PA speakers are the result of Pioneer and TAD teaming up with Gary Stewart from GSA who's sound systems already adorn some of the biggest and most prestigious nightclubs all across the globe. GSA's experience and expertise in the pro audio sector combined with Pioneers knowledge of the nightclub market and superb R&D team make the prospect of the union very exciting indeed.

There are two series of speakers designed to cater for every venue from the intimate lounge bar to the Ibiza superclub.

Pioneer DJ Enter the Club Audio MarketPioneer XY Series speakers are a more compact range of passive cabinets that offer superior sound quality but allow for installation where space may be at a premium. The XY-series consists of 8 and 12-inch full range cabinets, an 18" bass reflex cabinet and a dual 15" quasi-bandpass sub. The full range speakers feature a host of rigging options making them versatile for use in a variety of venues or for use as DJ monitors.

Pioneer DJ Enter the Club Audio MarketPioneer GS-Wave speakers are the ultimate speakers for the ultimate club sound system. GS-wave offers epic floor stacks which deliver a warm, solid sound that clubbers will feel and love. Made of 5 components including a multi-fold hyperbolic horn sub, omni-directional supertweeter pod and a dual 15-inch high-power upper bass box, you can expect to see this system dominating dancefloors across Ibiza and beyond.

Pioneer know that great speakers are nothing without superb amplification. This is why they have employed the legendary Powersoft to build the K-series amplifiers for their systems. These amplifiers offer industry-leading high-output and efficiency and come with pre-set data patterns to ensure optimum sound from your speakers. In-built network DSP allows complete remote control over digital sound processing.

We look forward to finding out more about the exciting new XY-series and GS-wave speakers from Pioneer in due course and, as always, will have the latest information right here at getinthemix.com in the meantime, check out the Pioneer Pro DJ range online.