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Tuesday 28th February 2017

We're Getting More Social With Our Media and We Need YOUR Help!

We're Getting More Social With Our Media and We Need YOUR Help!

Getting More Social With Our Media

As some of you may be aware, we here at Get in the Mix recently moved premises to a MUCH larger building only a few minutes down the road from where we used to reside.  This move was almost forced upon us due to the business physically expanding...  We were genuinely running out of warehouse space at the old place!

The move hasn't just seen the business grow physically, as part of the move, we had to add more staff in nearly all departments, one of those being our media and marketing department.  As a result of this, we will end up bringing you 'more'!  'More of what?' I hear you ask.  And you're right to ask, we like the inquisitive type, and the answer is 'everything!'.  MORE OF EVERYTHING!  More blogs, more content, more videos, more photos, more prizes, more everything we can think of!  We'll be having more regular and bigger competitions, which you can all enter!   We'll be getting some of you involved with our videos and will hopefully have some sets streamed live direct from our showroom and/or studio and loads 'MORE'.

Obviously, these things aren't going to happen overnight, and some of them will take a little while to implement and get up and running, but some of you may have noticed a slight increase in content already.

WE NEED YOUR HELP:  We will need your help in reaching out to people though.  The more followers and likes we have on our Facebook etc. will result in bigger and better competitions, with bigger and better prizes!  So, to help us to start to get the ball rolling, be a star and share our page with your friends -  Post a little status about us asking people to like and follow us as there's big things to come in the near future!  Also, if you see a post from us on Facebook, why not give it a little like, or a share, or comment (or even better, ALL THREE) just to help us get the word out there, and if you have any ideas or suggestions yourself, why not let us know!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to what the future holds!