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Friday 06th October 2017

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up?

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up?

After two and a half years, Pioneer DJ has replaced the extremely popular XDJ-RX.

The brand new XDJ-RX2 receives a lot of features from the Nexus 2, Will you upgrade to this updated and revamped unit?

The XDJ-RX2 inherits the touch screen and mixer from the NXS2 line, it includes a free license for Rekordbox DJ and has doubled its performance pad count to 8 pads.

The unit has been commonly described as basically 2 Mini CDJ-2000NXS2’s and a 2 channel DJM-750Mk2 in a single package for a fraction of the price.

Before the XDJ-RX was the XDJ-R1 and the XDJ-Aero before that, however none of these units gained traction as much as the RX1. 

For DJs the RX1 meant that they could have a compact setup at home without having to connect to a laptop and also have the benefit of being able to prepare for the club with a Rekordbox capable unit at home.

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up? 



At a glance, you can immediately see the changes on the XDJ-RX2 that differentiate it from the original. You will immediately notice the RX2’s 8 RGB pads per deck compared to the originals 4 micro-switched button style pads. The new ones feel more like the popular MPC pads, giving the unit a more modern feel (I know the MPC is decades old) giving the unit a similar feel to the rest of the Pioneer DJ controller range.

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up?








XDJ-RX2 vs DJM-750MK2

If you are familiar with Pioneer’s CDJ and DJM series you will find that the RX2 has the same effects, layout and knobs as the new Pioneer DJM-750MK2. The mixer button and knob layout now follow the standards set by the Nexus2 system. This is extremely evident in the Sound Colour FX now being arranged in a square grid as opposed to vertically as on the original RX.

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up? The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up?

The RX2 comes with Rekordbox DJ software included, allowing you to use a laptop if you desire to. You can also directly link to the Rekordbox export on your computer with USB so you can load music directly from your library onto the decks without the need to export onto a USB first.

Another noteworthy feature is the units Rekordbox Video capability. With the appropriate license, you can now mix video with the RX2. However, this seems to be at the expense of Rekordbox DVS compatibility. So you’ll need an external soundcard to use turntables or external CD players with DVS on this unit.
The XDJ-RX2 doesn’t feature the Ethernet link port at the back. This reduces your options when connecting this unit to a more complex or larger setup.

The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 How does it stack up?

In conclusion, for those who own the XDJ-RX1, you will notice differences during your set when using the new performance pad, not only their feel but the fact that they have doubled in number.
Also the inclusion of the Rekordbox DJ software means it’s a great way to get into the Rekordbox/PioneerDj ecosystem without tying yourself exclusively to the software, as its designed mainly as a standalone unit.

If you were considering buying the XDJ-RX1, then this new unit should be that final nudge you need. You get the best parts of the Nexus2 system at a third of the price.