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Thursday 13th November 2014

Pioneer XDJ-1000 DJ Media Controller is a Revolution!

Pioneer XDJ-1000 DJ Media Controller is a Revolution!

We are all very excited here at getinthemix.com today as global DJ Equipment giant, Pioneer DJ have released something quite special, the Pioneer XDJ-1000 Media Controller

Pioneer XDJ-1000 DJ Media Controller is a Revolution!

 The XDJ 1000 is a revolution for Pioneer as its their first single player that doesn't have a disc drive. The focus of the XDJ 1000 is for rekordbox music file playback from USB device, with the inclusion of a FULL COLOUR SCREEN like the CDJ 2000nexus and CDJ900nexus for easy navigation of the music files on your device but with a price point closer to the CDJ 850.

To further enhance the creative possibilities of the XDJ 1000, the unit features touch screen performance and selection functions completely uniqueto the XDJ-1000 including hot cues, looping, needle search and beat sync.

The only thing the XDJ-1000 won't do is play CD's, but with forthcoming HID control over Serato and other DVS software, there isn't really any requirement for the disc drive in this unit unless the DJ still uses audio cd's, and if they do, they now have a very good reason to start using rekordbox on USB instead!

This product will replace the CDJ 850 that gets discontinued in December which is the position where the XDJ 1000 will sit in the line-up - This is not club product to compete with the nexus models; For example it doesn't share the Wolfson DAC audio chip for club grade audio quality like the CDJ900nexus and 2000nexus or physical buttons for heavily used performance features like hot cues, not to mention catering for those old skool dj's who may still turn up at the club with audio cd's.

This awesome pioneer XDJ 1000 goes on sale later this month at an SRP of £829