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Tuesday 16th January 2018

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

Pioneer DDJ-1000:  A Top End Rekordbox DJ Controller

With the main NAMM show in Anaheim, California just around the corner, Pioneer fans have been on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting any news on a new release.  Well, the wait is over!

With the DDJ-R range going from strength to strength in 2017 as Rekordbox continues to improve, Pioneer DJ have announced the DDJ-1000;  a top-level Rekordbox controller with everything you need!

The DDJ-1000 is trying to keep to the original Pioneer feel with jog-wheels the same size as featured on Pioneers CDJs and in fact, the whole unit is almost as big as a full Pioneer club set-up, yet with a few more effects and features.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller


Updated Design

As mentioned, Rekordbox is becoming more and more popular, so the aforementioned DDJ-R range fell in-line with this, becoming more and more popular in turn.  Although the features, look and general lay-out of the R line directly mimicked the huge selling DDJ-S range designed for use with Serato DJ (see what they've done there 'R' & 'S').  This all new DDJ-1000 DJ controller is taking that in a new direction, so as to set Rekordbox controllers apart from Serato ones.  Physically, it's different, again going for more of a club set-up vibe, but it's technically different too with some interesting new features that could be setting the way for future Pioneer DJ products.

Proper Jog-Wheels

With the whole controller generation becoming more popular and the likes of the club-size controllers (like this new DDJ-1000) being used more and more, the biggest complaint is that controllers have always been slightly held back by the jog-wheels in the past.   The XDJ-RX was also accused of the same thing; that they seem very light and have a 'cheap feel', especially when compared to the Daddy, the CDJ!  Well, we're assured that is not the case with the Pioneer DDJ-1000.  Modelled directly from the classic CDJ design, these 'full-size' jog-wheels feel as good as the real thing whilst not adding any more much weight and bulk to the unit, meaning the DDJ-1000 weighs the same as the DDJ-SX2/RX at 6KG (13 lbs).  Also stolen from CDJs in the 'feeling adjust' knob that alters the resistance and feel of the wheel.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

It's clear that with this new unit, Pioneer have done their best to make a CDJ into a controller, rather than a controller that works as a CDJ.  If, like me, you've used CDJ for years and find it 'just like riding a bike', then you'll feel more natural and more at home with this DDJ-1000 over any other controller that's gone before as it's layout and feel is a CDJ as you can get out of any current controller on the market.  For example, the browse knob is in the 'correct' place.  Rather than being located in the middle of the mixer, like previous DDJs, on the DDJ-1000, it's above the platter, to the right, where CDJ users would expect it to be, meaning in dark clubs, CDJ users will feel at home with the DDJ-1000.

Jog On!

Taking inspiration from Numark and Traktor controllers, or possibly the Denon SC5000 media player, Pioneer DJ have added full colour LCD displays in the centre of each jog-wheel.  This is so you don't have to be fixated on your Laptop as you can fit quite a bit of information on the screens and what's displayed is fully customisable.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller 

New Beat FX

Ten Beat FX have been directly inherited from the DJM series of mixers, so again the DDJ-1000 is presented with a lean towards the club market.  On top of these ten are an extra four extra Beat FX that look like they can be accessed via your computer, but it appears they are not built directly into the unit.  These effects are:

     •             Low Cut Echo – Does what it says on the tin!  An echo with low frequencies cut
     •             Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle – 'FX that add sound with a feeling of infinite rising or descending'


Double USB

First seen from Pioneer in the DDJ-SZ and carried over to the DDJ-1000 is the inclusion of dual USB ports.  This, yet again is to help in clubs and at shows, or indeed any back-to-back situation.  Each channel on the DDJ-1000 is switchable too.  You can choose from USB A, Line (or phono on 2 of the channels) or USB 2 inputs at the flick of a switch.
Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

Notable Features

Having read through the official literature from Pioneer, there are a few other features that are worth pointing out:

     •             4 Deck Control – We've seen it before with the DDJ-RX and the DDJ-SX2 and it's no different with the DDJ-1000.  Dual layers allow you to
                    toggle each 
deck to a second layer, so you can control 4 decks.  New for the DDJ-1000 is the ability to see which deck you're on via the
                    new jog-wheel displays.

     •             Magvel Fader - Rated for a million movements, the cross-fader on the DDJ-1000 is based on the Magvel Fader Pro currently featured on the
mixer that is the DJM-S9.  In fact, Pioneer DJ are calling it a 'light' version.
     •             Slip Reverse - Those with NXS2 CDJs will be familiar with the 'Slip Reverse', which is also the default reverse setting on the DDJ-1000 for the
reverse button.  Press the button and Slip Mode is activated, let go and the track will pick up from exactly where it would have been.
     •             Reduced Latency - Pioneer have really thought about scratching and latency with the DDJ-1000, claiming it's their lowest latency controller
                    to date.
     •             Rekordbox DVS ready - If you have the Rekordbox DJ DVS pack and some control vinyl, then you can use DVS via the phono inputs.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller