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Pioneer Announces New PioneerDJ DDJ-SX3

  • GITM SX3

The Official Serato PioneerDJ Controller is incredibly similar to the DDJ-SX2, one of the most popular DJ controllers ever built. In regards to major changes; the SX3 adds more input/output options, improves the jog wheel latency, and has two USB soundcards for dual DJ use and handoffs.

Where rumours were rife that Pioneer DJ would be only making hardware for their own DJ software, the DDJ-SX and SX2 have held their own on the top of industry sales lists for DJ controllers for the last 6+ years, so from a business perspective Pioneer DJ would have had no choice but to make new versions of one its most successful DJ controllers to date (Serato or not)

 The DDJ-SX3 next to the DDJ-SX2 look very similar:

Pioneer Announces New PioneerDJ DDJ-SX3 

There are so many visual similarities’ between the old and new controllers; it’s a bit difficult to identify the differences. Some of the subtle visual changes can be noticed with the mixer and player sections divided up into different materials a styling cue borrowed from the DDJ-1000.

Beyond that, there are some important feature upgrades: 

Serato Certified Controller

There is deeper integration with Serato DJ Pro, the RGB performance pads now change colour to reflect each of the 11 pad modes including Hot Cues, Samples and pitch play. The pads respond immediately when each of the pad modes are selected.

Color FX

Pioneer DJ has added their hardware Color FX system to the (standalone) DJ mixer section of the controller. The effects (Filter, Jet, Echo, and Noise) are PioneerDJ mainstays and will be familiar to any DJ who has used other Pioneer DJ mixers, although there does not seem to be any parameter or resonance control on this unit.

Dual USB Soundcards

This upgrade has been added with seamless DJ transitions in mind – with the two USB soundcards built in. Each of the four channels can be switched between USB A and USB B, making it easy to play back to back, while retaining the ability to mix on four decks when needed.

Mic Inputs

Changes have been made to the front and rear of the DDJ-SX3 versus the SX2, the crossfader contour adjust knob has been replaced with a switch; a third balanced mic input has now been added to the front of the unit with its own level control. This is in addition to the existing mic inputs at the rear of the unit. This means you can have a microphone in use without affecting the 4 main channels.

Many mobile DJs will find good use for the three distinct microphone inputs, all with 4 built-in colour FX including Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise. These can also be assigned to the two main mic channels + full effects from the Serato Software.

Jog Latency Upgrades

Pioneer DJ also claims improved jog wheel latency on the SX3, “Jog wheels with reduced latency: Scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2.”

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