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Monday 09th January 2017

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' - SC5000 Media Player

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' - SC5000 Media Player

SC5000 Prime Media Player

The rumours are true!  The all new Denon DJ SC5000 media player that looks like it's seriously going into to competition with the Pioneer equivalents.

On top of all the features below, there was also a last-minute addition to the official Denon press release, stating that Serato and Traktor support are planned in the not too distant future.

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' - SC5000 Media Player



The state-of-the-art SC5000 Media Player from Denon DJ takes DJ equipment to the next level!  The first thing that jumps out is the 7 inch high contrast, HD display.  Not only is it bright and really clear, but it enables 'multi touch', so you really can get hands on with your control and navigation, all latency free.  It also has an effective zoom in and zoom out function, so you can really get in on those waveforms. The next thing one instantly notices is the display in the centre of the 8 inch jog wheel.  We'll have a little more information on that later, but you can't fail to miss the fact that it digitally displays custom artwork, or the current track playing along with track position.  All of that, along with on board analysis of your music files - which is a first for any DJ player gone before - and dual layer playback gives you full, easy control even in dark, fast-paced environments.

Innovative and Effective

Rumoured to go head to head with Rekordbox from Pioneer, Denon's latest librarian software, 'Engine Prime' comes pre-loaded on the SC-5000 and is powered by a large internal multi core processor, so you get instant access to tracks as soon as you need them.

Another 'world first' featured on the SC 5000 is the addition of 8 RGB trigger pads.  This really shows that Denon are happy to push the boundaries by mixing the tradition of the likes of a CDJ with the features of modern day digital controllers.  These pads allow you to have control of loops, roll playback, slices, hot cues and more, all at the end of your fingertips!  Beat Grid Analysis onboard the Denon SC5000 aids timing and accuracy of samples and loops for a perfect, in sync mix.  A LAN network allows up to 4 SC5000's to be linked and synced together and data can be transferred between units and, if your mixer of choice is the Primes Series' X1800, you get the benefit of 'Engine Connect', allowing access to extra features enhanced FX and BPM possibilities.

Customize Your Settings

All your settings and preferences, including any cue points, preparation folders, playback history, loop regions and track analysis is instantly remembered by the SC5000 on insertion of an SD Card or USB Drive, thanks to the built in 'Engine Prime' eco system.  

As previously mentioned, the SC5000 Prime's touch sensitive jog wheel houses a central display that will not only display track information, but can be customised with your own artwork or logo to really personalise your look and brand.  The wheel also has an LED ring around it that lights up with your own choice of customisable colours.

Double Decker!

The previously mentioned 'Dual-Layer' playback makes each SC5000 quite literally two decks in one!  The unit has dedicated 24 bit 96kHz outputs for each layer for the highest quality sound and control of your mix, and with the SC5000 Prime being capable of play ALL types of compressed and un-compressed music files, you know you're always going to sound your best.

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' - SC5000 Media PlayerFEATURES

  • 7" High Definition display with multi-touch
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
  • Dual layer playback with individual audio outputs
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (including: FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • Eight multi-function trigger pads for Loops, Slices, Cues and Rolls
  • 8" tough metal jog wheel with central High-Def display
  • Customizable RGB colour around the jog wheel
  • Three USB inputs and an SD input for music playback
  • LAN output to link to up to four SC5000 players


  • SC5000 Prime Main Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Power Lead
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Warranty Manual

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