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Friday 23rd August 2013

MORE Exciting NEW Releases from Mackie...

MORE Exciting NEW Releases from Mackie...

MORE Exciting NEW Releases from Mackie...Mackie MR-Series powered studio monitors have, for a number of years, been best-sellers amongst music professionals who demand strong, natural sound reproduction withougt having to spend the earth. Now Mackie have announced the release of the MR-Mk3 series which promise to extend this brief.

The latest incarnation of this superb series of powered studio monitors consists of four models designed to suit everyone from the smallest bedroom producer to the larger professional studios. MR5, MR6 and MR8 full-range powered monitors are powered by 5.25", 6.5" and 8" bass drivers respectively and a soft dome tweeter.

MORE Exciting NEW Releases from Mackie...For the first time, Mackie have incorporated an active studio subwoofer into the MR-series. Mackie MR10S Mk3 is a 10" active studio sub designed to add bottom end reinforcement to your studio monitoring system. This 120w subwoofer  is compact and stylish while still generating plenty of bottom-end and chest-pounding bass for both monitoring and playback applications.

MR-Mk3 series studio monitors are built in sturdy, solid MDF cabinets which are vinyl covered for a stylish, professional finish which is hard-wearing and resilient to everyday marks, scuffs and scratches. These solid cabinets are ported for reduced resonance, unwanted vibrations and improved bass response.

MORE Exciting NEW Releases from Mackie...Mk3 MR-Series monitors from Mackie are due for release in the the UK this September and are available to pre-order now at geitnthemix.com or, alternatively, give our friendly sales team a call on 01206 845125.