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Tuesday 31st January 2017

MCX8000 and Engine - Official Statement From Denon DJ

MCX8000 and Engine - Official Statement From Denon DJ

Our friend, and Denon DJ Brand Manager, Paul Dakeyne has just released an official statement about Engine and Engine Prime Software that could be great news for MCX-8000 users.  The statement reads as follow:

We want to reassure our loyal and invested Denon DJ MCX8000 users that we are absolutely continuing to support this product. ‘Engine’ desktop software is currently being updated by our Development Team to incorporate DJ performance features, plus music-management workflow capabilities of ‘Engine Prime’. This will ensure our MCX8000 users have an even more enhanced creative, and standalone workflow on their MCX8000.

Paul Dakeyne – Brand Manager (Denon DJ)

Jan.27th 2017

So, the release of 'Engine Prime' just before Namm 2017, did leave some of us wondering what would happen to MCX users and existing users of 'Engine' and would it be phased out.  But it appears not from Paul's latest statement.  The original 'Engine' looks like it's getting a make-over, or at least a big update to bring it more in line with the features and functions available on the new 'Engine Prime', so for those who currently own an MCX8000, you won't be left behind!

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