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Tuesday 16th July 2013

Fogtec VS400 - Smoke for less than 30

Fogtec VS400 - Smoke for less than 30

Fogtec VS400 - Smoke for less than 30Smoke machines and foggers are the most common type of special effect used by clubs, theatres and discos to create atmosphere and improve the impact of their lighting effects. Smoke machines used to be the reserve of installers but now, thanks to machines like the fogtec VS400, a quality smoke effect is accessible to everyone.

Fogtec VS400 is the perfect smoke machine for house parties, mobile disco and small venues. It creates a large amount of fog from a relatively compact unit and comes complete with wired remote control for adding a blast of smoke as-and-when it is required.

Buy smoke machines including the VS400 for LESS THAN £30 at getinthemix.com. Check out our range of foggers/smoke machines online or, for further information or advice on the best machine for you, call our helpful sales team on 01206 845125.