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Friday 27th September 2013

NEW Club-Standard Turntables from Reloop DJ

NEW Club-Standard Turntables from Reloop DJ

Reloop have revealed two new key turntable models in their range, the RP-7000 and RP-8000. These are professional-grade turntables which are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding DJs playing in the most demanding environments.

NEW Club-Standard Turntables from Reloop DJRP-7000 takes a tradtional high-torque turntable and brings it upto date with modern technology and superior build-quality. The RP-7000 is built to be strong, sturdy, reliable and painfully stylish. The finish on this turntable is superb with classy design detailing throughout and a scratch-resistant finish which should ensure that your turntable stay looking cool even after the rigours of a life in the club. Reloop RP-7000 is the ideal solution for DJs who play vinyl in its' purist form of for digital DJs who want a professional, reliable control surface for their Digital Vinyl System (DVS).

NEW Club-Standard Turntables from Reloop DJWith this latest series of turntables, Reloop aim to improve on tried and trusted design principles with modern touches. With aesthetics being an important consideration for many modern DJs, Reloop have also released the RP-7000 LTD, a pearl white version of this club-standard turntable designed to look at home in even the most contemparary bar or club.

NEW Club-Standard Turntables from Reloop DJReloop have taken the fundemental design and operation of the sublime RP-7000 and built it into their latest hybrid turntable, the RP-8000. On the surface, the RP-8000 bears more than a passing-resemblance to the 7000. The same stylish design features are present and the deep, scratch-resistant finish remains unchanged making this, arguably, one of the finest examples of form and function in the DJ industry. However, being a 'hybrid' the Reloop RP-8000, whilst still functioning as a traditional turntable, doubles-up as a beautifully crafted midi controller for running your favourite DJ software. In addition RP8000 features 4 performance modes making this classic-style club turntable as adaptable and versatile as you are.

The Reloop RP-7000, RP-7000 LTD and RP-8000 turntables are due to arrive in the UK at the end of October. To pre-order yours and ensure you receive it from the first UK shipment, give our friendly sales team a call on 01206 845125 or pre-order online by visiting the Reloop Turntables Range on our website.