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Saturday 07th July 2012

Kam Laserscan 1000 3D Laser is awesome!

Click here for the Kam Laserscan 1000 3D

Kam Laserscan 1000 3D three dimensional laser system is nothing short of incredible. Never before has anything come close to the jaw dropping effects that this laser Scan 10003D can produce. If you picked three of the most awesome lasers on the market today and put them all together as one, that is how good the Kam Laser Scan 3D is. The Kam Laserscan 1000 3D has as a grand total of 5 breathtaking effects which have to be seen to be believed these include shapes, patterns and stunning beams. With its five colours red, green, blue, yellow and green along with the unbelievable 3D effects you really will be hard pushed to find something as good in this range. The Kam Laserscan 1000 3D is ideal for bars, clubs and other large venues where you're after an effect to make people say WOW! Complete with ILDA input and through, DMX in an out and sound to light settings the laserscan 1000 3D is sure to fit in to any set up with ease. All this laser for this price is an absolute bargain not forgetting the sturdy Kam lighting build quality and durability, so what are you waiting for.... grab yours today from!