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Monday 04th October 2021

Is it that time of year already?

Is it that time of year already?

I recently got told off in my house for using the ‘C’ word. Nope, not that one, the one we associate with fat blokes drinking brandy, ridiculous 70’s music and bad taste decorations and lighting (what do you mean it’s like being at one of my gigs!?).

Nope, Christmas really isn’t that far away and, for mobile DJ’s at least, it can be a very busy and lucrative time of the year. But the pressure’s on, after what can only be described as a wash out in 2020, people are ready to party like never before over Christmas and New Year. It’s time to ensure that your mobile disco is upto scratch and ready to make those Christmas parties memorable (or as memorable as they can be if the boss puts his credit card behind the bar!*)

*No pressure Jeremy! ;)

So…how can you use the power bestowed upon you in your appointed role as ‘DJ’ to make this year’s Christmas celebrations special? Well, as much as I’ve now put the pressure on, I’m about to alleviate said pressure with a few handy tips for mobile DJs:

1) Don’t forget your Mariah Carey CD.

…OK, I admit, that’s not a serious one but music selection is important so, after that false start, let’s try again.

1) Update your music selection. Now, providing this isn’t your first Christmas as a mobile DJ, then I don’t really need to tell you this BUT ‘there is more to DJ’ing a Christmas party than playing Christmas songs’. Firstly, if you attempt to do this you will run out pretty quickly or start scrambling around for obscure festive numbers you and your audience will never have heard before (did you know that both the Fast Food Rockers and Basshunter have had Christmas songs?...nope, I didn’t neither but they have…fun fact!). So make sure you do your normal due diligence and, not only talk to your client to get an idea of the ‘tone’ of the evening, but also ensure you have your music selection upto date.

Is it that time of year already?2) Do some reconnaissance on the venue. We’re not talking camouflage here but find out from the venue what will and won’t be allowed in terms of atmospherics, whether there’s a sound limiter and the time allowed for loading in and packing up. These factors will all influence what equipment you take on the night of the event. If there’s no smoke or haze allowed then you may want to leave your lasers behind BUT if you are allowed atmospherics then see if you can bring a snow machine (unlikely with most venues but it’s a sure fire way to get a festive crowd on your side!).

If there’s going to be a sound limiter at the venue then this is liable to affect your choice of PA system, there’s no point taking a system that wouldn’t look out of place at Tomorrowland if you can only run it at 3% volume. Thankfully we stock an extensive range of PA and Sound equipment at whybuynew so, whatever you need, we can advise on and supply PA equipment at the lowest prices in the UK. The equipment you take will also be affected by the time you have to load in (and subsequently get out!). If you can set up the day before and break down the day after then this is the perfect excuse to blow the doors off with a full lighting rig. If you are limited to 30 minutes each end then keep it simple with a handy DJ booth, some all-in-one lighting and a pair of active PA speakers.

3) Check your PAT testing and PLI. Portable Appliance Testing is a requirement for electrical equipment used in a public space. It ensures the safety of your equipment and, not only is this just common sense, it might also be a requirement of the venue where the event is being held. Similarly, Public Liability Insurance (PLI) protects you and your clients in the unlikely event someone is hurt or injured by your equipment. Again, this may well be a requirement of the venue and the very last thing you need is to be turned away on the night of the event for not having the correct paperwork.

Look…for anyone who has been doing this a while, I appreciate that this is telling you something you already know. HOWEVER, this year it is definitely worth a mention as, for many, a gig free 2020 may have seen PLI and PAT test certificates lapse or expire so it might be worth a check.

Is it that time of year already?4) Upgrade your microphone. With the exception of weddings (where you’re constantly introducing people, telling people that something’s happening or that there’s a cab outside), Christmas is the time when your microphone is likely to get the most use. With this in mind, why not make 2021 the year your upgrade your microphone. Wired mics keep things simple, whilst wireless (or ‘radio’) mics have the flexibility for your guests to use it or for you to leave the DJ booth whilst maintaining interaction with your audience. Thankfully, Getinthemix have an extensive range of microphones at the lowest prices in the UK.

5) Improve your lighting. I recently wrote an article for the guys over at whybuynew where I spoke about a recent experience I had being on ‘the other side’ of the DJ booth (so to speak). If you haven’t read it (how dare you!), you can check it out at the whybuynews blog. In it I talk about some fatal lighting errors that, in my opinion, the DJ at that particular event made. Don’t be like ‘that guy’, upgrade your lighting and let it enhance your Christmas events. Consciously or subconsciously, lighting can make a big difference to your guests perception of you as a professional DJ and, whilst a professional lighting rig requires an initial outlay (and don’t forget that you’ll get the best prices at Getinthemix AND you can take advantage of our P/X and Finance options) it can be pay dividends with satisfied clients, repeat booking and word-of-mouth referrals.

Is it that time of year already?Fear not though, once again, Getinthemix has got you covered. We stock a huge range of lighting effects including moving heads, lasers, LED effects and more. For that extra atmosphere we also carry a wide range of atmospherics including smoke machines, haze and snow effects. Plus, as always, you will always get the best prices and friendly service when you shop with Getinthemix. You can also take advantage of our Part-Exchange and Finance options.

6) Enjoy!..

If you have any questions or need any advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly Getinthemix team who will be more than happy to help you out.