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Thursday 11th July 2013

Headphones - A Buyers Guide

Headphones - A Buyers Guide

Headphones - A Buyers GuideHeadphones will never seem like the most interesting of purchases when buying DJ gear. Because of this, novice DJ’s often take a “that’ll do” approach to buying headphones which can come back and bite you the first time you play out.

Let me start by saying, I’m NOT a headphone snob. If I’m listening to music for my own enjoyment then I am just as happy with the earphones that came bundled with my phone as I would be with a £400 pair of Dre Beats. For personal audio you will often find yourself spending way over the odds on style rather than performance. When buying headphones for professional applications (such as DJ’ing or production) is pays to be a little more selective.

Headphones - A Buyers GuideAny professional DJ or producer will rank their headphones amongst their most important “tools of the trade” and NOT somewhere where compromise is recommended.  It’s NOT necessary to rush out and buy the most expensive headphones out there but to buy something that’s going to be suitable for what you need.

If you buy a DJ CD Package, Turntable package or Digital DJ Package from us at getinthemix then you will probably be sent a FREE set of headphones. We don’t, unlike some other companies, just send you the cheapest ones we can find but they will be an ‘entry level’ set (unless of course you’re buying a high-end kit where we offer packages with ALL the best-selling headphones). This type of headphones are perfect for the beginner who DJ’s as a hobby and maybe likes to practise mixing at home.

Headphones - A Buyers GuideLoads of the big DJ brands  offer headphones for less than fifty-quid which are perfect for beginners and hobby DJ’s…you don’t even need to compromise on style. American Audio offer up-and-coming DJs the ETR 1000’s which are available in a couple of different colours, Behringer have the HPX4000’s which have been a consistent best-seller and even Sennheiser offer an affordable entry-level model with the HD205-II.

These headphones are great for the hobbyist or ‘bedroom’ DJ and will allow you to accurately monitor your mixes and perfect your skills. However, when you progress to DJ’ing in bars and clubs, suddenly you’ll find your headphones have to work that bit harder.  Mixing in your bedroom the only ambient noise you’ll have to contend with is your mums hoovering or the dog barking. Flash forward to your first club gig and you’ll have a 10kW sound system and (hopefully) thousands of screaming fans to contend with. Suddenly your headphones just don’t cut-the-mustard and you need something with a bit more “Oomph”.

Headphones - A Buyers GuideIn nightclubs and other challenging environments what you need is “isolation”. Isolation is achieved through a closed-back design of headphones which ‘block’ out ambient noise while allowing the DJ to head the sound they’re monitoring much more clearly. When you get to this stage it’s inevitable (but essential) to spend a little more.

When you get to a professional level, purchasing headphones comes down, predominantly, to personal preference. May DJ’s will go for something like the Pioneer HDJ2000’s which are solid, chunky, reliable and adapt easily to your style of DJ’ing. Other DJ’s prefer to use the legendary Sennheiser HD25-II’s which are extremely lightweight and flexible and allow you to monitor clearly and accurately all-night without them ever becoming uncomfortable and heavy.

Headphones - A Buyers GuideAll the biggest names in DJ equipment have a professional, club-standard headphone offering including the likes of Denon, Pioneer, AIAIAI, Sennheiser, Stanton and Numark. Every brand has it’s loyal followers and most are endorsed by big-name DJs. If you would like any further information or advice of what would be the best headphones for you then don’t hesitate to give our friendly, helpful sales team a call on 01206 845125.

If you find your spiritual (and musical) home is in the studio rather than behind the decks then getinthemix.com sell a wide range of professional studio headphones.  Big brands such as AKG, KRK, AKAI and Beyerdynamic all offer superior quality monitoring headphones for professional music makers. Check out our full range of studio monitoring headphones including the superb new Akai MPC and MPC Pro headphones.

Headphones - A Buyers GuideThis is, naturally, just a brief introduction to the types of headphones available. At getinthemix.com we stock a complete range of headphones from £6 to £350+ from all the big brands. Check out our DJ and Studio Headphones section or call us today on 01206 845125.