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Thursday 01st August 2013

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ System

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ System

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ SystemSince the introduction of the iPad a few years a go DJs have been finding ingenious ways of introducing this new technology into their sets. Initially iPads were being used like 'virtual vinyl' or as trigger pads for samples and effects. To be honest, in the early days, the incorporation of an iPad into your set was seen as a bit of a gimmick and there seemed little reason to use one other than for standing out from the crowd.

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ SystemSlowly the iPad had managed to find its' way into the mainstream of DJ'ing, initially this was with hardware such as the Numark iDJ Pro which placed the iPad at the centre of a 'traditional' DJ controller. Soon other manufacturers were adding iPad integration into there hardware whether it be as a playback device or as a versatile control method. 

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ SystemThe second wave of innovation came with the introduction of specific DJ 'Apps' for iPad these allowed the iPad to become the 'brains' of the operation rather than a simple storage/control device, in the same way that DJ software has been doing previously. At this point, all the big boys started to get on board such as Algoriddim and Ableton with their superb (FREE) launchpad app. 

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ SystemThe most anticipated of these DJ applications was Native Instruments' Traktor DJ which replicated this industry-standard professional DJ software in an iPad-friendly, touch responsive format. It was now possible to play and mix an entire DJ set using just your iPad, no vinyl, no decks, no CDs, no controller, no laptop...just iPad. BUT (and this a fairly significant but) there was a problem, the iPad only has one stereo output (the headphone socket) so how could you mix, cue and send the output to a amp all at the same time...simple answer was that you couldn't. 

Transform your iPad into a Complete DJ SystemFinally, Native Instruments have introducted the Traktor Cable for Traktor DJ App. This simple cable allows you to split the master output from your iPad into a PFL and Mix-out. Put simply, you can now connect your headphones for cueing while the master output continues to play to your crowd. Finally, you can use your iPad and Traktor DJ software as a complete DJ system and all thanks to a simple cable.

You can buy Native Instruments Traktor DJ cable online today or by giving out friendly sales team a call on 01206 845125