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Wednesday 10th April 2013

NEW Numark Controllers @ MusikMesse 2013

NEW Numark Controllers @ MusikMesse 2013

Numark, one of the biggest and most established brands in the industry have wowed crowds at the MusikMesse 2013 show in Frankfurt by announcing the release of THREE brand new DJ controllers.

Following the phenomenal success of the Mixtrack Pro and the anticipation surrounding the Mixtrack Pro 2, Numark have confidently built on this success with a new range of professional controllers.

A Trio of Brand New DJ Controllers from Numark - MusikMESSE 2013


The first of these new releases is the Numark Mixtrack Quad a four-channel version of the epic Mixtrack Pro 2 and possibly the most significant release.

A Trio of Brand New DJ Controllers from Numark - MusikMESSE 2013Numark Mixtrack Quad is a powerful 4-channel DJ software controller based on the best-selling Numark Mixtrack Pro 2. Mixtrack Quad combines a simple intuitive layout with powerful DJ features that will satisfy even the most creative music professional.

Mixtrack Quad features a host of robust and ergonomic controls that give a high-quality feel way beyond Mixtrack Quads accessible price point. Take control of you music with two touch-sensitive illuminated aluminium platters with the colour of each deck being fully customisable. 16 MPC-style quality rubber drum pads give you access to loops, samples and hotcues. The mixer section of the Mixtrack Quad features and intuitive layout which will be familiar to any DJ with sturdy crossfader, 3 band EQ per channel and easy library navigation controls.

Numark Mixtrack Quad offers users 16 effects controls to allow you to fully customise popular sound effects such as flanger, phaser, echo and more. Mixtrack Quad includes the popular Virtual DJ software meaning you can be up-and-running straight out of the box but is also compatible with other DJ software such as Native Instruments Traktor or RANE Serato.

Numark Mixtrack-Quad offers a professional DJ controller with an impressive specification at a price accessible to most club, bar, mobile and bedroom DJs. 


If you've been in the DJ game more than a few years you will remember that Numark were one of the first to enter the realm of the digital DJ. Numark Total, Stealth and Omni controllers were designed to be compact, portable and were amongst the best-selling models at the time. The Numark Mixtrack Edge signifies Numarks return to the compact controller market and, as we found out, seems to combine the best features of their full-size controllers in a compact and incredibly stylish low-profile design : 

A Trio of Brand New DJ Controllers from Numark - MusikMESSE 2013Numark Mixtrack Edge is an ultra-slim and low profile digital DJ software controller which is perfect for DJ's on the move. Designed to be rugged enough for a life 'on-the-road' and with all the features required to meet the demands of the modern professional DJ.

Mixtrack Edge, unlike many other 'compact' DJ controllers, features a host of powerful features designed to give the creative DJ plenty of control over their music. Mixtrack Edge features a pair of high-quality metal platters for pitch bending, fading and cue mix as well as for easy browsing of your music library. Edge also features controls for hot cues, loops and even 2 effects parameter controls on each channel. The surface of the Mixtrack Edge is brushed aluminium giving the controller a stylish, expensive look whilst ensuring it's durability and long life. Mixtrack Edge even has its' own integrated cover to protect the control surface.

Numark Mixtrack Edge, most importantly, features high-quality onboard audio with a built in 2-channel audio interface. This allows the user to use headphones to cue tracks and to output directly to a PA system without the need for additional soundcards or audio hardware. This simplistic setup and ease-of-use is further aided by the Mixtrack Edge being USB Bus powered so it requires no external power supply and plug-and-play integration with the included Virtual DJ software. All this means that the Mixtrack Edge is ready to setup and go straight out the box.

Perfect for mobile and bedroom DJ's, Numarks Mixtrack Edge provides all the professional features that you would expect from a controller at twice it's price in a compact-yet-durable unit.


Numark have always been one of those DJ brands that manage to bring the latest innovations to the mass-market at a price accessible to all. This brief is no better signified than with their new iDJ Flex controller. This controller aims , and succeeds, in incorportating a host of features demanded by the modern professional DJ in a controller that is affordable to novice and professional alike:

A Trio of Brand New DJ Controllers from Numark - MusikMESSE 2013Numark iDJ Flex is a versitile DJ controller which is suitable for Mac, PC and also iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This professional DJ software controller is based upon the best-selling Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 and features the same high-quality finish and intuitive, yet feature-rich, layout.

iDJ Flex from Numark is compatible with all 30-pin and Lightning iOS devices and also with Mac and PC. iDJ Flex offers seamless integration with the popular Djay and Vjay apps from Algoriddim and with Virtual DJ. iDJ Flex is, as the name would suggest, very flexible and will also work with other popular DJ software such as Native Instruments Traktor and RANE Serato.

Control over you music is via 2 high-quality and illuminated touch-sensitive platters which allow you to scratch, pitch-bend and search with ease. iDJ Flex maintains and intuitive layout making it very easy to pick up and use for anyone with DJ experience. The integrated mixer section offers 3-band EQ and full-size high quality line and crossfaders. 3-Way effect capability is achieved via the filter and effect knobs and djay's X/Y pad.

Numark iDJ Flex is a flexible and high-power DJ controller which is perfect for home, club and mobile DJs offering intuitive and ergonomic control over a host of software on a variety of software.

Please note that all prices/details given are subject to change. If you wish to pre-order any of these new products then please don't hesitate to give our friendly sales team a call on 01206 845125