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Tuesday 21st May 2013

Wanna Be a DJ? Part 4 - Hobby DJ

Wanna Be a DJ? Part 4 - Hobby DJ

Wanna Be a DJ? Part 4 - Hobby DJJust because you don't like the idea of big crowds or a high-pressure club environment doesn't mean you don't fancy having a go at DJ'ing. Whether you just like the challenge of beatmatching or maybe you want to record mixes of your favourite genre then bedroom DJ'ing can be fun and challenging.

Hobby DJ'ing is quite a broad term and many 'bedroom' DJs go on to be successful live performers and producers. Many are happy to continue doing it as a hobby and we'll look at them first:

Whether you have any intention of become a full-time DJ, practicing at home is a great way to hone you DJ skills before taking on a a club, bar or mobile gig.

Wanna Be a DJ? Part 4 - Hobby DJOne of the best things about DJ’ing as a hobby is you get the freedom to use whatever equipment and whatever music format you like. When you are DJ’ing as a mobile you have portability to worry about and if you’re a club DJ you have to be able to transfer your skills to different formats depending on where you’re playing. As a hobby DJ you can leave you gear setup at all times so, if you fancy mixing old-school vinyl then you can without having to lug turntables about, want to mix CD’s? you have a free-range over your choice of CDJ’s without worrying about turning upto the club to find something completely different. Whatever your choice of gear, whether it be DJ turntables, CD decks or digital DJ controllers you will find the best deal and the best advice at getinthemix.com.

Because of this flexibility, there is no real “do’s and don’ts” about what gear to buy for your home DJ setup. Want to listen to your own mixes in high-definition? Get yourself a pair of studio monitor speakers. Want to play at your house party or BBQ in the summer? Take a look at our complete PA packages. Fancy making a party of it? Check out our DJ lighting section and add some atmosphere.

Wanna Be a DJ? Part 4 - Hobby DJIf you decide to ‘go pro’ and want to make professional mixes to post online or send out then you may want to invest in a professional audio soundcard such as one of the Scarlett range from Focusrite Novation.  You can then record you mixes and upload them to the likes of Soundcloud or Beatport.

This is just a small introduction to what you may want to consider when starting to DJ as a hobby. With modern DJ technology the options are endless. If you want any further information or advice on what it best for you then don’t hesitate to give our friendly, knowlegable sales team a call on 01206 845125.