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Thursday 16th May 2013

Wanna Be A DJ? Part 1 - Introduction

Wanna Be A DJ? Part 1 - Introduction

Wanna be a DJ?...

Wanna Be A DJ? Part 1 - IntroductionEvery DJ started off by, at some point, thinking "I fancy doing that". Whatever the reasons behind this decision, what you do next will help to determine whether you're destined for superstardom or whether the idea will fizzle out before you've even mastered your first mix.

"DJ" is a very loose term for what we all do and the type of DJ you become will often come down to this 'eureka' moment and, more importantly, the trigger that made you want to embark on the DJ journey. Maybe the thought of entertaining crowds and making peoples night appeals in which case you may find yourself considering setting up as a mobile DJ. Maybe it's a the love one dance music and the nightclub atmosphere that draws you to the DJ booth like a moth to a flame. Or maybe it's all about the challenge of mixing and honing a skill, maybe you shy away from the limelight and just want to make the most of your music. Whatever your reasoning then this guide is for you. 

It's worth mentioning at this point that other motivational factors such as fame, fortune and becoming irresistable to the opposite sex can largely be ignored at this point. Vanity is not a good motivational force and will probably leave you hanging up your headphones the first time the chat-up line "I'm a DJ" fails to work.

Anyway, back on track, the type of DJ you become is going to largely determine the equipment you need (and also what gear you can happily live without. Wanna Be A DJ? Part 1 - Introduction If, for example, you feel that club DJ'ing is your calling then you'll need a lot less gear than a mobile DJ, you will, however, have to spend more money in other places and this guide is designed to help you buy once where it matters and not-at-all where it doesn't. 

In the meantime, if you need any advice of buying your DJ equipment or have any other questions then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly, knowlegable sales team on 01206 845125.

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