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Thursday 02nd May 2013

House Parties & What you need for yours

House Parties & What you need for yours

House Parties & What you need for yoursIf you're looking to buy some new equipment for your professional DJ setup then getinthemix.com should always be your first choice. However, what if you're not a professional buy want your next house party or private function to go with a bang...well, we can do that too. In this guide we look at all the bits you might need (and what bits you won't) to add that party atmosphere to your next big shindig.

Whether you're having a house-warming in your new flat or celebrating auntie Mabels 60th at her sprawling country pile we can supply the gear you need to create that all-important party atmosphere and make your event something to remember.

House Parties & What you need for yoursAudio. Music is one of the key things you need for any party regardless of whether it's background music while your guests mingle, the latest dance tunes for front-room raving or some cheesy classics for great uncle fred to head-bank too, we all know that a party really isn’t a party without music.

If you need speakers then we got 'em. We stock a huge range of speaker packages perfect for house parties and private functions and starting at less than £100. It's important that you match the size of your speaker system to the size of the room and if you need any help of advice on what speakers will be best for you then don't hesitate to speak to our friendly sales team a call on 01206 845125 and they can help to steer you in the right direction. If you would rather just browse our selection at your leisure then you can see all our complete sound systems HERE.

House Parties & What you need for yoursVisual. Your party now sounds like a party but how do you make it LOOK like a party. It's very easy and affordable to transform your living room from 'IKEA' to 'Night Fever' with the use of some simple lighting effects. Small disco lighting effects start at less than a fiver and colourful, professional moonflower-type effects can be had for less than thirty-quid. Whether you want a couple of small effects to add a touch of atmosphere or a whole lighting rig to light up the west wing of your mansion we can advise on what will be best for you.

House Parties & What you need for yoursEverybody loves a party with a happy atmosphere (if you get that reference then, congratulations, you're as old as me) and it's easy to add some special atmospheric effects with our range of effects machines. Whatever effect you're after, whether it be smoke for that club look, bubble for a summer party or snow to get your guests feeling all festive then we can supply what you need at  a great price. Our wide range of special effects machines start from just £20. As always, if you’re not sure what will be best for your party or even then please don’t hesitate to give us a call (or check out our guide to atmospherics)

House Parties & What you need for yoursDJ controllers, decks, turntables etc. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a superstar DJ or want to have a setup so your guests can have a mix then we do, of course, stock a wide range of DJ CD packages, Turntable Packages and DJ Controllers to be used with your PC or MAC. Obviously you can use your home HiFi or whatever you like to play your music but if you fancy having a mix then check out our range of DJ equipment or Digital DJ Equipment or call our helpful sales team on 01206 845125.

So that’s the sound and lighting done, all you need to do now is buy FAR too much booze, loads of food that nobody eats and put anything valuable/delicate in a safe place before your guests arrive. Time to PARTY…

If you would like any more information or advice on any of the products mentioned above then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales team on 01206 845125.