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Ortofon Launches Concorde MK2 Turntable Cartridge Line

As Ortofon celebrates its 100th anniversary, they present to turntablists & DVS users, a gift; just in time for NAMM 2018, Ortofon has refreshed & redesigned their Concorde line of DJ Styluses and cartridges with five new models, each model has been designed with particular attributes, tailored to specific uses using colour coding and eye-catching livery to communicate their niche to those in the know.

It has to pointed out that this is a complete re-design, as far as redesigning a record players cartridge/stylus combination can go, with Ortofon focusing on keeping each model distinguishable  from the other, there’s a completely new design language going on here. With logos and colour schemes being used to communicate each models’ strengths; graphics on the stylus tips try to indicate what area of turntablism the model is geared at as well as colour schemes that communicate the same message, but differently, take a look at this side by side shot of the new DJ model compared to the old Concorde DJ S model,

Ortofon Launches Concorde MK2 Turntable Cartridge Line

familiar colour schemes help keep patrons of the brand informed as where each model lines up in comparison to the MK1 range of Concorde cartridges and styli:


For those of you interested in the raw figures, take a look at Ortofons’ Specification chart.

Ortofon Launches Concorde MK2 Turntable Cartridge Line


The speciality range covered by the new lineup is supposed to cover different areas, styles and applications of turntablism so we have detailed Ortofons script on each model below;

Concorde MKII Mix – £70.00, designed as an “all around” and “general-purpose” model for scratch and back-cueing. “Excellent price-to-performance ratio.”

Concorde MKII DJ – £85.00, 1 gram heavier than the Mix, has “excellent groove handling”, “improved tracking” while still not having high record wear like some scratch needles.

Concorde MKII Club – £120.00, has a unique “special-elleiptic” stylus which “fits better in the groove and therefore has more contact area with the groove itself, extracting more intricate details” than other spherical styli. Also requires less gain from preamps, meaning clearer sound and less chance of your decks producing feedback.

Concorde MKII Scratch – €119.00, designed for scratching and back-cueing use. It has increased tracking ability with a “supreme ability to trace the grooves of the records.” It has a 10mV output (the highest except for the OM Q.Bert special model), which makes it “perfect for scratching music with deep bass frequencies”. 

Concorde MKII Digital – €129.00, a stylus specifically designed to “extend the life of timecode vinyl and minimize errors in decoding”. It also has the same 10mV output, for a good signal-to-noise ratio – making it easier for software to accurately track the timecode.