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Numark NS6II Mk2
Numark NS6II Mk2
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Numark NS6 MKII with Speakers (Pair) & Headphones

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Numark NS6 MKII with Speakers (Pair) & Headphones
Numark NS6 MKII with Speakers (Pair) & Headphones
Numark NS6 MKII with Speakers (Pair) & Headphones
This product is no longer available This product is no longer available
Product Description

Here we have this brilliant bundle is for the Numark NS6 MKII with speakers and headphones,which is ideal for Venues and Mobile DJ's. Included in this package is:

  • 1x Numark NS6 MK2 Controller
  • 1x Pair of Numark N-Wave 580L
  • 1x Numark HF125 Headphones

Please note that this bundle comes with a 12 month warranty.

Numark NS6 MK2: 

Numark have upgraded their iconic NS6 4-channel DJ controller to create the fantastic innovative NS6II. It now features two USB outputs for DJ hand-offs and built-in hi res screens on each of its 6" jog wheels.

Dual USB Outs For DJ Hand-Off
With Dual USB Outs, the NS6II enables you to connect two laptops simultaneously, connected to Serato DJ for seamless DJ hand-offs. At a push of a button you and your partner can switch between two laptops and play at the same time between four channels.

Built-In Hi Res Display
Playing to the crowd is key to the success and energy of any event. Maximize the energy and stay connected to the crowd with the built-in full-color 2-inch hi-res displays. You can monitor BPM, platter position, time remaining, pitch adjustment and keylock. Critical information that ticks all the boxes with intuitive actions to keep you focused on the performance. Your DJ senses are on fire as you select the next song in your playlist, all without ever looking at the laptop.

Independent Mixer
In addition to the dual USB outs, the NS6II is a standalone 4-channel mixer to connect turntables and external media devices. You can connect two media devices to the RCA line/phono inputs and switch between them on a dime.

Touch-capacitive frequency knobs (exclusive to Numark), with a simple touch adjust mid, low and high frequencies during the mix, for the perfect tone. With its audiophile-grade circuitry, the NS6II delivers impeccable 24-bit sound quality without compromise.

Performance Pads
Rubber MPC performance pads give you quick access to hot cues, auto loop/roll, manual loop mode sampler and slicer. Each function duals-up with sub functions to give you access to a total of 16 velocity-sensitive pads.
•Hot Cue - Set 8 cue points within your DJ software. Secondary function (click button twice) enables hot cue + instant auto loop mode
•Auto/Roll - Pressing this button once will enter the auto looping mode (i.e. 16 bar, 8 bar, etc.). Secondary function (click button twice) enables beat-jumping once auto loop is engaged utilizing parameter keys
•Loop Mode - Activate manual loop mode and any saved loops. Secondary function (click button twice) enables a second bank of the Manual/Saved Loops section
•8 Pad Sampler - Load custom sound samples such as tags and drops (non-velocity sensitive). Secondary function (click button twice) enables velocity sensitive pads in sampler mode
•Slicer - As the track is playing the pad will follow the beat, and when pad is engaged (rhythmically) beat will stutter per parameter. Secondary function (click button twice) will change the slicer into looping when pad is engaged temporarily.

Pitch Fader        
100mm pitch fader gives you full control of tight, seamless blends across 4-channels. On the built-in display, the pitch indication can be monitored without looking at the laptop. The smoothly-resistant long pitch fader is responsive to every tick of the beat.

The full version of Serato DJ comes with the NS6II, and all you have to do is plug and play. NS6II also has an option to upgrade in Serato DJ for the DVS expansion. The DVS expansion allows you to connect external turntables for time coded vinyl control.

Numark N-Wave 580L:

The Numark N-Wave 580L features a 3 different stage colour commands which are pulsate, slow cycle and off. These speakers have been designed for home studio and DJ set ups and offer a brilliant multi-colour LED lighting display in both the tweeter and woofer.
Offering impressive sound coupled with exciting built-in lighting effects, the N-Wave 580L is a compact self-powered 2-way monitor speaker system that is ideal for almost any situation.
Large and powerful enough to have surprising output and punch, but trim enough to fit easily into tight spaces, the N-Wave 580L desktop monitor system is comprised of two matched speaker cabinets. Each cabinet contains a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 5 ¼" woofer, blended together with an electronic crossover network. The on-board amplification system delivers 40 watts of dynamic power for impressive, clear sound. But it's the exciting built-in illumination that sets the N-Wave 580L apart from every other compact monitor.
The woofer and tweeter have brilliant LED lighting that can be customized to either pulsate with the music or cycle through the colour spectrum. The lights can be defeated for those occasions when you prefer not to use them.

Numark HF125 DJ Headphones:

The Numark HF125 DJ Headphones, giving you amazing quality of sound and comfort whilst listening to the music you love to hear.

The Numark HF125 headphone has a solid build making them suitable for a wide range of applications, whether you are a DJ on the move or a DJ at home. The Numark HF125 DJ headphones feature a 7 way adjustable headband to suit you, with swivel cup ear pieces for one ear monitoring which is ideal for DJ use. They also have a 6ft tangle resistant cord and 40mm mylar speaker drivers. Great quality at an amazing price!

These headphones do not come with the 1/4" to 1/8" Adaptor. They are fitted with 1/4" moulded connector.

Numark NS6 MK2:


  • Dual USB ports for DJ handoffs
  • 2-inch colour LCD display integrated into each jog wheel
  • Digital mixer with (2) phono/line inputs that can be mixed directly without software
  • Comes with Serato DJ (full version)
  • Touch-capacitive knobs
  • 6-inch multi-function jog wheel with smart learning capacitive technology
  • 4-channel USB Audio
  • Stereo XLR outputs, Master RCA outputs, Booth RCA Outputs
  • (2) 1/4" mic inputs
  • Stand-alone mixer 24-bit, 44.1K audio
  • USB 2.0
  • 4 in, 4 out with (2) phono preamp
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • Roll bar to protect front panel control knobs


  • 24-bit, 44.1K audio
  • USB 2.0
  • 4 RCA in, 4 RCA out with 2 phono preamp
  • USB
    -Signal-to-Noise Ratio (full USB signal path, A-weighted)
    -Dynamic Range (Codec) > 70 dBr
    -Balanced Outputs (XLR) > 70 dBr
    -Unbalanced Outputs (Line, RCA) > 70 dBr
    -Unbalanced Outputs (Booth, RCA) > 70 dBr
    -Headphone Outputs (1/4", 1/8" / 6.35 mm, 3.5 mm) > 70 dBr
    -Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 KHz (+0.2 dB)
    -Channel Separation > 70 dBr
  • Line Channels
    -Signal-to-Noise Ratio (full analog signal path, at 1 V/rms, A-weighted)
    -Balanced Outputs (XLR) > 70 dBr
    -Unbalanced Outputs (Line, RCA) > 70 dBr
    -Unbalanced Outputs (Booth, RCA) > 70 dBr
    -Headphone Outputs (1/4", 1/8" / 6.35 mm, 3.5 mm) > 70 dBr
  • THD+N (A-weighted)
    -Balanced Outputs (XLR) < 0.01%
    -Unbalanced Outputs (RCA) < 0.01%
    -Headphone Outputs (1/4", 1/8" / 6.35 mm, 3.5 mm) < 0.01%
    -Phono Input (at 180 mV) < 0.01%
    -Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 KHz (+2 dBr - -6 dBr)
    -Channel Separation > 70 dBr (across all channels)
  • Microphones
    -Microphone 1 THD+N (at 6 mV, A-weighted)
    -Balanced Outputs (XLR) < 0.05%
    -Unbalanced Outputs (RCA) < 0.05%
    -Headphone Outputs (1/4", 1/8" / 6.35 mm, 3.5 mm) < 0.05%
  • Microphone 2 THD+N (at 6 mV, A-weighted)
    -Balanced Outputs (XLR) < 0.05%
    -Unbalanced Outputs (RCA) < 0.05%
    -Headphone Outputs (1/4", 1/8" / 6.35 mm, 3.5 mm) < 0.05%
  • Digital
    -Sample Rate 44.1 KHz
    -Bit Depth 24-bit
  • Hardware
    -2 RCA stereo input pairs, unbalanced (switchable phono/line-level)
    -2 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (microphone, direct to Program/Cue Mix)
    -2 XLR outputs, balanced (Master)
    -2 RCA stereo output pairs, unbalanced (Master, Booth)
    -1 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS output (headphones)
    -1 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS output (headphones)
    -2 USB ports
  • Displays
    -2 x 2" LCD
  • Power
    -12 V DC, 2 A, center-positive; power adapter included
  • Dimensions: (width x depth x height)
    -22.4" x 13.8" x 2.6" / 56.8 cm x 35.0 cm x 6.5 cm
  • Weight:
    -9.2 lbs. / 4.18 kg

Numark N-Wave 580L:


  • Compact powered near-field monitors for home DJ setups
  • Woofer and tweeter have brilliant multi-colour LED illumination
  • 3-Stage Colour Command: Pulsate, Slow Cycle, Off
  • Convenient front panel volume control
  • 1" silk dome tweeter and 5 ¼" woofer for detailed, powerful sound
  • High-output 2-channel amplification with 40 watts total system dynamic power
  • High-strength MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinets prevent audible resonance
  • Smooth, radial-edge front baffles minimise audible edge diffraction
  • (2) RCA and (2) ¼" audio inputs
  • Magnetically shielded drivers prevent interference with other equipment, magnetic media
  • 55 - 20,000 Hz frequency response for outstanding sound
  • Universal voltage


  • Output Power - 40W (20W x 2)
  • Low-Frequency Driver - 5" woofer
  • High Frequency Driver - 1" silk-dome tweeter
  • Input Impedance - 10k
  • Light - (14) 0.2 W multi-colour LEDs per speaker
  • Dimensions (W, D, H) - 184mm x 229mm x 270mm
  • Net Weight: 14.2 lbs (6.54 kg). Right Speaker: 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg. Left Speaker: 6.75 lbs. / 3.1 kg
  • Inputs / Outputs:
    -1/4" TRS audio inputs (left and right)
    -RCA stereo input (left and right)
    -1/4" TRS connection between speakers
    -4 pin LED connection between speakers

Numark HF125 DJ Headphones:


  • Flexible 7-position independently adjustable dual ear cups
  • Large 40mm mylar speaker drivers
  • 6ft tangle-resistant cord
  • Padded headband and ear cups
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