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Stanton Uberstand Silver

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Product Description

The Uberstand laptop stand is an essential tool for the traveling laptop DJ / Musician. Most DJ booths and performance venues were not designed to accommodate a laptop, which creates a hassle for the DJ in many spaces. The Uberstand alleviates this issue. Folded, the Uberstand is the perfect travel companion to your laptop. Unfolded, its striking industrial design comes to life and safely elevates your laptop above your work space while providing a specially crafted shelf for your ScratchAmp or external hard-drive.

Designed to simply unfold from a record bag or box, and being made from light-weight aircraft grade aluminium, the uberstand can be carried around gig to gig and packed away with remarkable ease. The stand itself features a secure top-shelf for a laptop or notebook, keeping the computer based centre piece of a digital dj set well out of harms way but still in perfect reach of the dj. Underneath is a smaller shelf, perfectly sized to hold the audio interface or scratch-amp for digital dj solutions. The base of the stand will sit neatly under a turntable on any flat surface thus allowing easy introduction and removal of the stand in pretty much any dj booth. Extremely robust with a build quality that stands out as much as it's eye catching design, the uberstand is quite rightly being credited as the essential accessory for computer based djs.

Assembly is nothing more than unfolding the stand and dropping the shelf into a position that suits you and your hardware.  The thing that hit's you first is the pure rugged quality of the Überstand. It's head to toe metal - aircraft grade Aluminium and stainless steel, but it's been carefully designed to minimise weight and still keep stability as it's number one attribute. Supplied with the stand is a shelf. This can be used for accommodate say the SSL box, a hard drive, sound card etc - anything you want - and you can purchase extra shelves if you have the need for lots of crap to be on show as well. The shelf fits into the base with 3 x 6mm pegs - enough to take the weight of anything you throw at it, again attesting to the quality of materials and workmanship.

One of the obvious advantages of the Überstand is the space saving element. Not only does it lift your laptop above your work surface, but you can also position it so that it sits right over your mixer - so no more reaching across decks. This isn't ideal for a playing out DJ as all the crowd will see is the back of your computer but at home or in your studio, this configuration can be a real winner. There's no doubting that the quality and simplicity of the Überstand is the key selling points of the product. It folds to down to nothing, fits in with your records and despite the rock solid build, it quite light. And the fact that you can add extra shelves to it for your peripherals is cool too.

  • Stable, rugged laptop stand for use by DJs and musicians
  • Folds flat into a 12" zippered bag (included)
  • Metal - aircraft grade - aluminum and stainless steel
  • Lightweight and small form factor when folded makes it practical to carry around
  • Adjustable shelf to store FinalScratch ScratchAmp or external hard-drive
  • Saves space on the work surface by lifting laptop above it
  • Reuseable plastic ties and Velcro
Product Reviews (2)
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Easy setup and very compact. Build quality is good and stable.


We are a team of DJs touring across the UK and Europe. All of the DJs in our team have Uber Stands by Stanton, simply because it is so easy to setup and when lack of room is a problem then the Uber Stand comes in very handy. Trying to hook up 2 or 3 laptops together in a small booth is a nightmare, but sitting laptops on the Uber Stands, raised above the decks makes things so much easier. Nice bit of kit.

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